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Nu-stone Thin Veneers Mfg, LLC is located in a small Northeastern Rural Town of Sterling, Connecticut, specializing in sawing New England Granites into thin veneer. Nu-Stone Thin Veneers is owned and operated by Charles W. Corson III.

Charles says his Dad started Nu-Stone Mfg & Dist in l999, which specializes in New England Granite cut into Square & Rec, Ashlar Veneer, and a large variety of flagging stone, old stone, milling wheels, and New England Fieldstone. Charles has been with his dad for 4 1/2 years. His Dad is commonly known as the "Old Man" by his customers.

After twisting the Old Man's arm a few times Charles finally convinced him that sawing thin veneer is a natural off shoot of Nu-Stone Mfg.

Charles started Nu-Stone Thin Veneer LLC with 2 new Park 5500 thin veneer saws and 1 corner 4800 corner saw.

Presently Charles is setting up a dealer net work throughout the United States to handle the sales of his Granite Thin Veneers. His target areas are Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.

Moral support is provided by his his 8 yr. old son Charles IV, 3 yr. old son Stone Samuel and the Old Man.

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Canyon Yellow - Square & Rectangle

Liberty - Square & Rectangle